Interesting French Door Options for Interior and Exterior Use

Minimalist White Framed French Door Options in Simple House with Grey Painted Wall

The French door design ideas are virtually limitless. Whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of options to consider. Today we will briefly highlight a couple of things you need to know about these type of doors. We  have also compiled some interesting uses of the doors.

For exterior use, the French door screen options give you the ability to create an opening to s balcony, patio, backyard garden or outdoor rooms. However, the doors are not recommended for front or entry doors as they are not very secure. As for interior use, the doors can be used as space dividers between linked rooms without taking up too much space, thus making them perfect to install in a small house. You can also install the doors even in non-conventional locations like in bathrooms as shower enclosure.

Simple French Door Options in White Color on Brown Exposed Brick Wall near Metal Chair

When you plan to install and enhance the interior using French doors, consider the following tips. First, don’t forget the door swing. Out-swing or in-swing fittings are available for French doors, so ensure that you measure the space and plan well beforehand. Secondly, opt for coated or tinted glass if the doors get direct sunlight. This way, you can enjoy light with privacy while protecting the art, floors, and furniture inside the room from fading.

Stylish Design for White French Door Options between Small Metal Wall Lamps on Concrete Wall

The more modern French doors now are designed to provide better security. Even though the old doors are truly appealing in terms of looks, we don’t recommend them for exterior use. You will also need to make sure the French doors for outdoor use are fitted with weather stripping so they can withstand varied weather conditions. Last but not least, exterior French doors, including the double French door screen options, should have a 3-point lock system for a good security.

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