Luxury Log Home Plans with Bold Natural Accents

Elegant Living room Interior Design Ideas Equipped with Modern Luxury Log Home Plans Finished with Stone Veneer Ideas

From the following 12 surprising pictures, let us see and discuss how the luxury log home plans are designed. This sort of home is commonly for a private living with native wooded area surrounding. It will adapt with the refreshing greens at fall and also stay at extreme winter with the snow drifts surrounding offering cold weather.

Modern HOuse Exterior Design Ideas Equipped with Wooden Material for Best Green Area Space in Luxury Log Home Plans

As you can see at the pictures, the luxury log home plans designs, both exterior and interior are with bold natural touch. The exterior walling is with stacked logs and sometimes combined with jagged stone walling for complete warm atmosphere to build. It is also commonly featured with plenty of rectangular windows for traditional architecture and some wide floor-to-ceiling windows for the contemporary one. It is aimed at presenting beautiful panoramic view outside to the main living, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Log houses are also usually equipped with some balconies or decks. From there, the occupants can stand or sit together to catch the enjoyable refreshing view of the native landscape. Gardening is also important for this dwelling. With lawn, vegetation and flowers, bold natural touch is achieved. Not only that, beautiful exterior decoration and refreshing nuance is provided. Moreover, if the home is equipped with outdoor swimming pool with lounge sitting, outdoor garden will make it complete.

Single Storey Design Idea of Luxury Log Home Plans Finished with Green Surroundings and Natural Look Ideas for Best House Design Plan

It is not different with the exterior design that the interior is also with bold natural accents. It is with wooden floor and some exposed logs or beams on wall, entrance and ceiling. Accent stones are also sometimes involved for fireplace. It will make the rooms with complete warm atmosphere. For example, you can find the rustic style living room which is in open plan with kitchen and dining completed with stone fireplace and rustic wooden coffee table. In this luxury log home floor plans and designs, the living room looks so comfortable.

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