Make your home appear larger

living room colors and contrast
Whatever size of home you live in, having more space is always an advantage.  There are a couple of factors that can help you make you place look more spacious without necessarily spending too much time or effort.

  • Colors and contrast

The colors in a room greatly affect it spatial outlook.  For instance the use of more neutral colors can make a tiny space look significantly larger while the excessive use of prints and patterns make the space feel cramped.  Therefore, it is advisable to combine neutral colors with soft light to make your indoor space feel more spacious and comfortable. Infusing soft hues in the décor such as blues and greens is also recommended.

  • Good lighting

When natural lighting illuminates a room it instantly make the interior feel more spacious. Having large windows is a good way of ensuring that you maximize on natural lighting. The use of creative artificial lighting can also compliment the natural light.

indoor natural light

  • Mirror effect

Mirrors do wonders in terms of expanding the visual scope of a room. This is done by giving an illusion of depth.  Mirrors can be placed near areas with natural light in order to brighten up rooms.  The use of mirrored storage cabinets also goes a long way in creating an illusion of larger space.

living room mirror effect

  • Reduce clutter

It is important to get rid of non-functional items in rooms and only retain what is necessary. Accumulating a lot of unnecessary items simply makes rooms cramped and unappealing.

clutter free room

  • Furniture arrangement

Some furniture arrangements tend to take up more space.  It is therefore necessary to use some space saving techniques such as arranging the furniture along the walls and avoiding cluttered arrangements.

minimalist living room


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