4 Creative Lamp Designs to Brighten Up Your Living Space

Traditional Lamp

Lamps are great lighting fixtures because they not only provide additional light but are also great accessories that can enhance interior décor.  Today we will highlight a few lamp designs that you could consider for your home.

  • Vintage Table lamp

If you’re looking for that antique look you could settle on a unique vintage table lamp that can add a hint of class while acting as a supplementary source of light.

Vintage Table Lamp

  • Kaleidoscope Lamp

This unique lamp is able to produce a range of light rays with different hues and intensity.  This is a suitable option if you want to brighten up your living space with vibrant effervescent color.

Kaleidoscope Lamp

  • Adjustable Desk LED Lamp

This is a great light fixture for a working area or study because it produces sufficient task lighting.  An added advantage of this lamp is that it can be set up according to your preference by moving the adjustable joints.

Adjustable LED Desk Lamp

  • Pendant Lamp

This is a versatile lamp design that has an affixed hanging light fixture. This is an elegant design that has a vintage look but still fits into modern décor designs.

Pendant Lamp

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