Monitor your indoor plants with the Koubachi Wi-Fi sensor

Koubachi Wi-Fi-Plant Sensor App Sync

Unfortunately many of us are not naturally gifted with plant nurturing skills which means that we are likely to leave many plants on the verge of wilting due to negligence or undernourishment. It is based on this that Koubachi decided to develop a product that would be able to effectively help in caring for plant life.  The Koubachi Wi-Fi sensor is able to determine the vitality of plants by basically measuring certain basic elements that are essential to plant-life such as light, temperature soil and moisture. The data that is collected by the device will help you know how to ensure that your garden flourishes.

Koubachi Wi-fi Plant Sensor

The device was developed for smart homes and uses special embedded sensors which means that it is one of the foremost hands-off plant care devices in the market today.  Most of the cheaper varieties available will most probably require more effort and monitoring which is not practical.  Koubachi uses its own app to sync with the device thus offering convenient remote monitoring on mobile devices.  The advantage of this device is that it does not require any separate hub hardware when connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi sensor is widely available and can be ordered online and shipped to your location.

Koubachi Wi-fi Plant care device

Koubachi Wi-Fi-Plant Sensor Close-Up

Koubachi Wi-fi Plant Sensor Power Source

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