What Kind of Air Conditioner Should you Choose for your Home?

Split System Air Conditioner


Millions of air conditioners are installed in homes every year, however, each house has specific cooling needs. This means that the air conditioner you choose should be able to adequately cater for your specific requirements. So what are the options are available?

  • Window or Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Window Mounted Air Conditioner

This is a single unit that does not require a separate evaporator/compressor unit. It is convenient and compact however, it can sometimes be a little bit noisy. They are suited for reasonably smaller spaces.

  • Cassette air conditioner

Ceiling Cassette Air-Conditioning for Living-Room

These are ceiling mounted units that have a significant cooling capacity which makes them ideal for larger spaces. They are also blend in with the interior décor because they are not imposing.

  • Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted Air Conditioning for Living Room

These kinds of air conditioners are designed for cooling entire houses.  The whole cooling mechanism is usually installed on the roof and the cool air is distributed to different rooms using an intricate network of vents and ducts.

  • Split System

Split System Air Conditioner

This is a refrigeration-based air conditioner which is quite popular in homes because they operate silently and are quite compact. They are typically installed above doorways and can easily blend in with interior décor.


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