Nice Small House Interior from a Contemporary Oceanfront Residence

Astounding Kitchen Design of Modern Residence with Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor and Black Colored Marble Surface

The Sound House is only a small residence which was completed by a perfect small house interior setting. The creators were Roger Ferris + Partners. It is placed in Fairfield of Connecticut, USA near a spacious ocean. Its exterior presents only a simple wooden geometric looks. Those wooden appearances are combined with lots of transparent walls application through the glass. Geometric shape in flat roof here is perfect to be combined with the wooden shutter of the windows.

Awesome Bedroom Design of Modern Residence with Black Colored Sleeper Chair which Has Silver Stainless Frame

This is the back yard of the dwelling. You can enjoy a spacious green yard with various flowers in colorful looks. Not only flowers, trees even bushes are here too. Enjoy this view even from inside the house. Yes, the glassed windows there will help you to see. But what about the small house interior design. Is it as interesting as the exterior cut? Well, let’s go and take a look at the interior part.

Here we are in the lovely living room. All of the walls and ceiling here are colored in white. Helped by spacious transparent walls, this room gets brighter atmosphere and nice scenery. A contemporary orange sofa is shaped in letter L, put on the white oak wooden flooring. Two unique sofas with puffy looks are there too. As the center of the room are a black rug and a transparent coffee table. Behind the sofa is a floor to ceiling bookshelf to keep your items tidily.

Breathtaking Bedroom Design of Modern Residence with White Colored Bed Linen and Wide Windows Made from Glass

A marvelous wooden kitchen has its appearance in another side of the dwelling. On the wooden flooring, there is a wooden kitchen island standing fitly. Its black granite countertop makes it looks more luxurious. Stuck on the wall is a huge wooden kitchen cabinetry. The backsplash there is also matching with the countertop. Some hanging pendants are there, helping the windows around to enlighten the area. Don’t forget also to check out the bedroom interior setting. Fit the floor plan here to your house. Maybe you can apply some small house interior design ideas here into your own dwelling.

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