3 Easy Ways of Adding Color to Your Home without Overspending

Plain walls can be quite bland and boring. It is possible to add some spashes of color to your apartment or home if you do not have a lot of money by following some of these tips.


Wall Artwork

If you do not have the money to paint your walls you can simply look for affordable pieces of artwork to adorn your walls. This will break the monotony of blank walls and add some vibrancy to the walls.

Sponge Painting

Sponge Painting for Walls

Instead of spending loads of cash purchasing textured paint, you can look for affordable paint and use the sponge painting method. This will give the textured look at an affordable cost.


Area Rug

By adding a colorful rug to a room, you can instantly turn a bland looking space into a more inviting area.  You can actually consider investing in an affordable area rug which not only brightens up a room but can also act as a focal point.

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