Painting Basement Floor: Painting, Finishing and Covering

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You will need some of these ideas of painting basement floor or covering the floor to make the interior looks more stunning. We have 25 excellent pictures to share for some inspirations. The painting will deal with two of the most favorite flooring, the concrete and the wooden floor. Then, you will find a clear inspiration of what sort of coloring, finishing or even covering.

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Talking about painting basement floor ideas, there are at least two of the most coloring you can find at our pictures collection. They are black and grey. The striped wooden floor and wall panel finished in black creates alluring interior to combine with wood and white touches. Another modern basement interior is with grey painted striped wooden floor. It is to combine with pure white wall painting and ceiling with exposed beams. Grey concrete basement flooring is also popular to match with white wall painting, black furnishing and ceiling.

Besides these coloring, you can also simply add certain finishing for stunning look. Glossy finishing is the most popular one. You can see the dark and light wooden flooring which look imposing with this sort of glossy finishing. It also works for concrete. Some stained concrete floors in glossy finishing are also presented on the pictures. They are commonly in grey, red or brown coloring tones and combined with dark wood furnishing and brown leather seating units.

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Besides those two styles of basement floor treatments, you can also simple install carpet or rug to cover the floor. Of course, this style works for both wooden and concrete basement floor. The light grey wall-to-wall carpet, for example, is good to work with black and dark wood furniture. You can also add rug for certain points, such as sitting area or even the billiard court. The concrete floor covering ideas with patterned rug or carpet will be also surprising.

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