Striking Modern Lamp Design in Enchanting and Chic Cloud Folded Shape

Contemporary Details of the Mika Barr Lamp with Irregular Shade Shape and the Black Iron Legs

Mika Barr and Producks Design Studio have innovatively created a striking modern lamp design called Ori. This project demonstrates an enchanting cloud folded lamp which could be functioned as modern pendant lamp or trendy floor lamp. The inspiration was based on modern folded shape which eventually becomes the platform of this lamp creation. The appearance looks so charming just like a flawless cloud. For any modern lamp enthusiast, this prototype will be the best choice if you want to beautify your residence with something different.

Fabulous Hanging Mika Barr Lamp In the Garden with Green Grass Yard and Stone Floor

Generally, if you want to function it as a trendy pendant lamp for your modern dining room or kitchen you could easily hang it on the ceiling. Among other modern pendant lamp design concepts, this prototype has a very flexible character. Yes, as already being mentioned earlier, besides could be functioned as floor lamp, this lamp also could be placed on the ceiling. Or even on the tree branches in your courtyard garden if you want to decorate the garden with this lovely lamp. The size itself is varied, start from medium, until long vertical which emerges as the biggest one.

Moreover, if you want to put this lamp as a modern standing lamp for your comfy living room or elegant bedroom, you could surely do it. With flexible slim legs, this lamp will beautify your residence with an ultimate modern vibe. The legs itself were made from black slim iron with high quality. The height and structure are also varied, some of them are high and straight, others are short and having some curved. The short one could be placed also in the desk or side table.

Fantastic Lights Out Ori of Mika Barr Lamp with High Black Iron Legs and Unusual Shade Shape

Overall, this sophisticated lamp design demonstrates an extraordinary yet beautiful shape design which expresses modernity and creativity. Its various size and flexible character are another impressive aspect. And since it basically could be functioned as a pendant lamp or standing lamp, we could define this prototype as inspiring furniture. Thus, whether you need modern pendant lighting or floor lamp, this cloud folded lamp will satisfy you and help you beautify your residence.

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