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It seems that it will be exactly interesting to apply antique baby room ideas for your own nursery room. This old fashioned baby room concept even will look better than usual funny and cute baby room idea. Anyway, who says that a nursery room should be always in funny and cute style? In fact, we just can modify the cute baby room by adding this classic style on the room interior plan. Well, there are a lot of antique nursery room choices you can select to apply at home. Several of which will be described well below. Now, let’s check the first inspiration then!

Pleasant Furniture in Romantic Living Room Ideas with Great Piano inside Large Glass Window

Integrating vintage yet expensive detail into the baby room sounds impossible in our ears. Actually, it is just a simple action to do for all parents if they truly have willingness. The baby room should be in neutral scheme such as deep brown. And then it must be nice to be brightened with at least a big window on the wall. To emphasize the classic theme inside the room, a set of iron crib looks awesome with pleated lace bed sheet, pillows and blanket. A dark painted wooden console table looks beautiful placed next to the crib with an elegant porcelain vase of white flowers and other decorative items. A center point is not hard to create by studding a wooden plank as picture background on a center wall of vintage baby decorating ideas.

Fresh Pure Furniture Romantic Living Room Ideas with Blue Accessory and Green Indoor Plant

The next baby room is truly decorated to match the modernism of the house. This time, the entire room is painted in ivory or white cream. Black painted iron crib is placed closely to the wall with an ivory skirted wing chair placed between the crib and window. White and black curtain looks suitable with the black standing lamp and white bed sheet on the crib. That is inspiring vintage baby room idea you can imitate at home.

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