Simple Modern House Architecture with Minimalist Rectangular Design

Eclectic W House with Glass Wall Covering Open Plan Interior with Minimalist Stone Staircase in Elegant Dining Room Spacious Courtyard

This modern house architecture is so simple and modern as your living space. It has rectangular design with the combination of neutral color. Even, the color of the upper floor has chic white color that represents the modern living space. The existence large glass windows in the first and second floor is able to make this house looks trendy and fascinating. You also have to take a look at the inside of this residence since it has wondrous interior with pretty furniture design.

This duplex residence has outstanding architecture. The second floor has white external wall with huge windows design. It looks so gorgeous since you can enjoy the outdoor scenery from the inside of the house. What adorable modern house architecture plans! If the second floor has white external color, you can discover the combination of black and wooden color in the first floor. Such a gorgeous house architecture with the combination of neutral color.

Excellent W House in Modern Architecture with Tough Concrete Outdoor Wall Reflecting Natural Sense Fresh Ornamental Plants on Minimalist Garden

The internal design of this residence is dominated by white color. You can notice white marble floor in this place. It perfectly blends with concrete wall and wooden ceiling. The furniture that exists in the living room will make you fall in love with this space! It has modern red couch and blends with purple mattress and white cushions. Look how adorable this color combination! You also can add simple wooden table in the middle to accompany the red sofa.

Extravagant W House Sticking Out Rough Stone Fence and Hardwood Gate Wide Grassy Yard Small Balcony with Metallic Railing

Next we can discover dinner space in the middle of this house. It has wooden table and looks so exotic. This modern dining desk blends with wooden chairs. The addition of ceiling lamps in the concrete ceiling makes this place interior more awesome. You also can see that this home has floating staircase set in the side of the dinner space. This unique stair connects the first floor to the second floor. So, what do you think of this modern house architecture designs review?

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