Simple Ways of Finding Out if Your Siding Has Storm Damage

Aluminum Siding
With the volatile weather that we are experiencing the likelihood of a severe storm hitting your area is quite high. Heavy downpours can cause damage to your home and one of the most common issues that homeowners face is siding damage. So, what are some of the signs to look out for when checking for storm damage to your siding?

  • Broken boards

  • Clapboard tiles that are missing

  • Dents or chipping of the siding material

  • Accumulation of dirt

  • Tears, ripping or abrasions of the siding material

  • Loose siding

  • Instability of the structure

Despite the fact that siding is made to last for a long time, it isn’t completely resistant to damage. Storms usually come with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind that could have an adverse effect on siding material. If you happen to experience storm damage to your home first confirm with your insurance company if the policy will cover the siding damage.

Hail Damaged Siding

Ensure that any siding repair is done by a professional who is fully qualified and licensed. By doing some basic research you will be able to find a general contractor that is experienced in siding repair and installation.

Siding Repair

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