Sparkling Small Crystal Chandelier Designs for Any Interior Room

Pretty Accent Wall Colors with Small Crystal Chandelier to Adorn Adult Bedroom

It goes without saying that traditional crystal chandeliers have the dramatic appeal to enhance the appeal of a room, but what about the small crystal chandeliers? Despite the smaller size, they are just as amazing and spectacular as the much larger chandelier varieties.

This is the reason why you should never rule out the idea of hanging small crystal chandeliers to complement your home interior design. Even with the smaller size, they can provide you with additional benefits aside from basic lighting function. For example, if you have a room with a low ceiling, a small chandelier would be a more suitable option so as to maintain the balance and proportion without having to sacrifice on elegance. Oh, and don’t forget the fact that smaller chandeliers usually means a more affordable price!

Surprising Schemes for Small Crystal Chandelier Installation for Your Wedding Party Concept

Let’s take a look at this lavish bathroom vanity area. As you can see, the vanity cabinet is designed with double sink bowls, making it perfect for a master bathroom interior design. To provide the proper task lighting for the bathroom vanity, this space is fitted with small chandeliers—one for each sink bowl—rather than wall sconces that can deliver on function but are usually lacking in visual appeal. To copy this look, you can also use crystal pendant lamp.

Winsome Small Crystal Chandelier Designs for Kitchen Room with Neat Brown Arm Chairs

A similar arrangement can be used for kitchen island light fixtures too as seen above. This is surely a great alternative to a large crystal chandelier or over-sized pendant lamp over the kitchen island especially if you want to create a focal point. Depending on the size of small modern crystal chandeliers and your island counter space, you can hang 2 or 3 light fixtures.

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