Spectacular Modern Pendant Lighting Fixtures – Suitable Focal Points for a Room

There are several ways to enhance the appearance of a room and these modern pendant lighting fixtures reveal a few of them. We have compiled some fantastic interior design ideas that feature stylish pendant lamps which add more visual appeal in rooms and are also functional. Pendant lighting fixtures are suitable for both dining rooms and kitchens.

Modern Pendant Lighting Fixtures above Open Dining Area with Long Dark Bar Table and Comfortable Stools

The open style kitchen and dining room pictured above is quite eclectic and artistic. The classic long table, that can double as kitchen table, is matched with elegant iron bar stools. The stools match well with the classic table and the look is  completed with the choice of multiple modern pendant light fixtures. The glass pendant lamps come in various lengths and the overall look is really fantastic isn’t it?

Small Dining Area with Teak Table and Glossy Metal Chairs under Modern Pendant Lighting Fixtures

The ceiling pendant lamp in the image above is such a cool way of accentuating a room. The airy dining room is sophisticated and made even more elegant with the pendant light fixture despite the overall minimalist finish. The choice of round wooden table is matched with white upholstered dining chairs as well as the ultra-stylish contemporary orb pendant over it.

Stylish Kitchen near Modern Dark Staircase under Modern Pendant Lighting Fixtures with Unusual Design

You may be asking, what about a small dining space? Well, you don’t have to worry as there are still many pendant lighting fixture designs you can explore to suit your needs. Take a look at this small modern dining space that with it charming vintage chairs surrounding a square wooden table. An artistic unique wooden pendant light fixture hangs above to complement the look. So, which one among these pendant light fixtures for kitchen and dining do you like the most?

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