Stylish Penthouse Interior Design Introducing the Charming Minimalism

Eclectic Living Room in Minimalist House  with Sectional Sofa and Papasan Chair Surrounding Metallic Coffee Tables Glaring Wall Lights

Collaboration of modern designers, Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour, this contemporary penthouse interior design of the Lycabettus Penthhouse introduces plentiful ideas of simple clashing room personality. Wall, furniture, accessories and decors tell about the harmony in miscellanies. Clear glass element helps transferring the sun radiance and overlooking the outdoor scene to enhance the interior charm. Adding wall feature of vertical stripes, the spotless white wall has a perfect match to state the magnificent alliance. Modesty of the furniture design never leaves the fashionable styles which creates coziness in simple artful character.

Elegant Asian Pendant Light above Lacquered Wood Dining Table and Armchairs in Minimalist House Unique Geometric Jars on Wood Wall Shelves

Angular design of the L-shaped sofa looks practical in mating the slim twin table. The angular accent fits the room theme. Light blue coach intrudes the even form by the circular style and vibrant color. Tossing pillows have the uniqueness of capturing the photo in cubby material. Metal side table grants a chic hardness touch to stand with stylish table lamp. Fine work of the wooden floor becomes a smooth grounding for the penthouse interior design ideas living room.

A solo couch by the window offers a private lounge. It needs a bold side table as the companion and balance the slimness look of the chair. a wall lamp perfectly focuses the tender illumination on sofa, stating about special light for any sitter. A small group of dining furniture translates the simple modesty in some neutral colors. Chic pendant lamp is enough to shine upon the plain table.

Excellent Living Room in Minimalist House  with Sectional Sofa and Monochrome Metallic Coffee Tables Papasan Chair Classy Wall Light

In wall shelving saves more space and aligns with the simplicity concept in this urban dwelling. Quartet slab presents effortless touch in displaying the decorative items. Neat books arrangement allows the other stuff to have some place. Zen is in the bedroom interior style, amplifying the minimalism. A red clock acts as the focal point telling the recent time on the bed. Cute decorations bring cheerful sense in decorating ideas for penthouses in contemporary fixture.

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