The Allure of the Modular Home

A Cero Modular Housing

In case you are one of those individuals who consider modular homes as drab structures then the following information will probably help shift your mindset. Before we go any further I would like to differentiate between a modular home and a manufactured house because many people get the two mixed up. A modular home is a complete housing unit that is built in sections with certain predetermined specifications from the builder. On the other hand manufactured houses are generic factory made units such as mobile homes which are usually not built on site.

Any top real estate agent will tell you that modular homes are constructed with various standards and have specific building codes that are similar to conventional a housing unit and in certain cases the building codes are more stringent in order to ensure that they are sufficiently habitable.  One major advantage of modular homes is that they are very customizable and come with various amenities that are probably not available with mobile homes.   They also are built on a foundation which makes them very stable for human habitation; they are transported using weatherproof materials to the site where the construction is done.

In most cases the construction of modular homes can be done over a shorter duration than standard houses and on average the time frame ranges from 3 weeks to a month. Those who thought that modular homes have a standard design will be happy to know that innovative manufacturing has led to varied styles and floor plans to suit the taste of buyers.

Modular House Exterior

If you consult a realtor about the purchase of a modular home you may be surprised to find out that there are certain mortgage facilities that cover this kind of housing. If this is possible then you will need to approach a specific financial institution or a credible mortgage broker where you will be able to get more details. In many cases home appraisers, financial institutions and insurers recognize modular housing as conventional housing and this means that the any contractual agreements are similar to those of conventional housing. Buyers of modular houses also have the advantage of saving on costs more so if the house being purchased has certification from Energy star.

If you get a chance you could also recommend modular housing for anyone who is looking for decent and cost effective housing with all the standard amenities.  You can also browse the internet to look for companies that deal with modular home construction whether on a small scale or on a large scale.

Interior Walls Set On Modular Home Floor System

CHEN ART Modular Housing


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