The Hottest Trends in Patio Decor

Patio Design

Patios are now slowly turning into outdoor living spaces complete with furniture and accessories.  There are plenty of options in terms of patio décor and we will share with you a couple of trends that we hope will give you some inspiration to create or revamp your patio.

  • Sunsails

Patio Sunsails

It is always refreshing to have some shade during hot days and sunsails are a great option for providing shade in your patio.  They could be anchored on rooflines, trees, fences or any other structure that is stable enough. Sunsails come in various sizes and designs to suit various tastes.

  • Firepit

Patio Firepit

The pleasant glow from a fire is quite enchanting and a firepit is the ideal structure for controlled outdoor fires.  In addition to providing fire and heat, firepits are also great focal points for your outdoor space.

  • Water Fountain

Water Fountain for Patio

Water is an important element and apart from our physiological need for hydration, water can also serve as a decorative element for patios.  Small fountains and waterways are great landscaping elements that provide great aesthetic value. The sound of water is also quite calming and creates a great ambience.

  • Entertaining area

Patio Furniture

Backyards are great places to host visitors and with the right patio furniture you can create a comfortable outdoor area where you and your guest can relax and interact.

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