Italian Garden Design Ideas to Make Exquisite Roman Era Garden

Fabulous Waterfall Italian Garden Design Ideas

Italian garden design ideas can become your inspiration in adding an exquisite look on your garden. Italian garden has left marks in garden designing because of its classical and beautiful looks. You can ask your gardener to apply your design into it. Italian design varies because Italy has regions with different weather and plants. Italian garden also influenced by the history. Roman and Renaissance era garden has their unique style which has its own beauty.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Italian Garden Design Ideas

Incredible Modern Italian Garden Design Ideas

The Italian garden design ideas are surely beautiful. But what are you supposed to do to show the Italian touch on your garden? To maintain the classic Italian look on your garden, you have to know first about what kind of plants should be used on your garden. Italian garden will show its beauty with the right plants. There are lists of Italian garden plants you can use to make your Italian style garden. The plants are supposed to be associated with Italy’s climate and geographic location. Flowers like roses, lavender, and Artemisia can be associated with Italian garden and could add highlights on your garden.

Italian Garden Design Ideas: Flooring and Additions

Fantastic Classic Italian Garden Design Ideas

Plants and lawn are not enough to realize your Italian garden design ideas. You have to design the flooring of your garden. Italian garden flooring is important. What is the use of great garden if you can’t enjoy some walk around it? There are huge selections of material which can be used as flooring. Paving materials come in lot of shape and colors. Why don’t you choose an orange colored rectangular paving to contrast with your lawn? Don’t forget to add a little more touch to give romantic feeling of Roman era.

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