Things to know when choosing ceramic tiles for your home

Indoor Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a very versatile material that is has multiple uses around the home. Among the common uses for ceramic tiles include kitchen tiling, floor tiling, outdoor tiling and ornamental design. It important though to note that there are differences in the quality of ceramic tiles. For instance the tiles which have undergone the bisque firing process also known as low firing are usually cheaper and not as long lasting as the high fired tile varieties.

Apart from inquiring about the kind of clay used to make the tiles, it is important to find out about the glazing process. The glazed ceramic tiles should also have undergone high firing because low fired glazed tiles are usually less durable and get stained easily.
High fired ceramic tiles are suitable for counter tops, table tops and other commonly used surfaces because they can withstand regular cleaning without being affected by increased moisture content.

Decorative Ceramic Tile for Living Room

Before purchasing ceramic tiles it is important to identify where exactly they will be installed. For instance if you are looking for a table top tiles you have to ensure that the tiles are evenly flat on all sides. In contrast, ceramic tiles for a backsplash can either have high relief. Tiles for fireplaces, mosaics, facades or murals can be flat, high relief or low relief.
In addition to adequate glazing, the space between the ceramic tiles need to be sufficiently sealed with waterproof material to make sure that the entire surface is impermeable.

Ceramic Tile Terra Honey

Ceramic Floor Tile Pattern


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