4 Tips to help you When Picking Out the Best Subfloor Ventilation System

Subfloor Ventilation

Most contemporary homes come complete with a ventilation system, however, if yours does not have one or if you want to replace your existing one, a subfloor system is a good choice. Before investing in this ventilation system, it is important to take the following issues into consideration.

  • Ensure that you do away with any excess moisture in the subfloor. Any excess moisture may lead to a build up of mildew and mold which could be the cause of respiratory problems.

Subfloor Ventilation System

  • Decide whether you would like a subfloor ventilation or a roof ventilation system. Roof ventilation is more suitable for provision of fresh air for the house while subfloor ventilation targets specific areas by providing fresh air to areas that may other be moisture prone.

  • Should you do it yourself or get professional installation. In order to save money, many people prefer to install the subfloor ventilation themselves. This would be okay if you’re an expert at ventilation. There are plenty of factors to consider such including vent positioning, insulating material, volume, and many others. So, if you are not an expert it is prudent to get a professional to do the installation for you.Installation


  • Insist on a ‘green’ appliance. Try and find a subfloor ventilation system that is energy efficient and one that it automated. This will ensure that you save on your energy bills and also help in keeping the environment clean.

Underfloor Ventilation

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