Top 3 Contemporary Home Design Features

Whether you are doing a makeover or upgrading a rental property, you should consider keeping up to date with the contemporary design trends. Let us delve into the some of the design concepts that will be making the rounds this year.

Automated Control

Remote Home Control

We are in a digital era and it is impossible to overlook the impact of technology on interior design. Many home functions are no longer manually operated. Automation is becoming the order of the day for control of utilities such as lighting, security, climate control, and electronics. This automation has been integrated with smartphone and tablet applications which makes it easier to manage all the utilities.

Home Management Systems

Going Green

Eco friendly Home

The eco bug has struck and its now the norm to integrate eco-friendly features to home design. Going green is a win-win situation because it makes a home more efficient while helping to protect the environment. Some of the conservation actions include the use of LED lighting, using more natural light, efficient water distribution, and natural climate control using building insulation and efficient windows.

Tips for Energy Efficient Homes

Versatile Room Design

Spacious Room Design

Old home designs featured room design that focused on specific uses for each room. Nowadays rooms are more flexible with a great emphasis on open floor designs. This means that there is more living space and less space is wasted. Additional space can be used for storage rather than for walkways.

Minimalist Design

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