Add a Spark to your Wall Art with Picture Lights

Spot Wall Picture Lighting

A well-planned lighting scheme could add more life to your home and make it come alive. Walls can sometimes be quite bland even with wall art. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the importance of focus lighting when it comes to wall decor. Picture lights are a great way emphasizing wall art and bringing out the great features of wall art.

Arm Picture Lights

Picture lights are cylindrical-shaped fixtures that are fitted with small bulbs that illuminate pictures as well as other wall art such as posters, tapestries, and wall hangings. The lights will help draw attention to the pieces of art and help in bringing out the intricate details. The lighting fixtures may either be fixed on the wall or on the ceiling as long they are able to effectively illuminate the wall adequately. Here are some tips that will help you when you decide to get picture lights.

Box Wall Picture Lights

  • Try as much as possible to coordinate the color of the lighting with the piece of art that it is illuminating.

  • LED lights are a suitable option because they use less energy, last longer and have low maintenance.

  • If you’re good at DIY tasks you can install your own picture lights but it is advisable to have them installed by a qualified electrician.

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