Types of File Cabinets for a Home Office

Modern Home Office File Cabinets

A proper filing system is an important feature of any efficient office. Files take up plenty of space and if they are not arranged properly they could get damaged, lost or lead to unpleasant clutter.  A proper filing cabinet is a great way of storing away files safely and at the same time adding some character to a home office. There are plenty of file cabinet designs to choose from and we have taken some time to highlight a few just for you.


Vertical Metallic File Cabinet


Many may consider metallic cabinets more suitable for workplace and not a home office, however, this is not always the case.  There are classy metal filing cabinets that can fit in well in your home office and even accentuate the interior décor.  They come in various designs and colors so you can be assured of getting a suitable cabinet to suit your preference.


Solid Wood Black Vertical Filing Cabinet

They are just as sturdy as metal filing cabinets and can provide safe storage for your documents. Wood is a versatile material therefore you can be assured of a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. From dark mahogany to warm cherry wood, the choice is yours.


Wicker Decorative File Cabinets

Wicker is hardly as sturdy as metal or wood but it is still as suitable raw material for file cabinets.  They often have an iron frame for stability and the wicker material is woven to create a relatively solid structure.

Rolling file cabinets

Rolling File Cabinet

These are usually used as temporary document storage structures and are not as sturdy as they earlier mentioned cabinet types. Rolling file cabinets are great if you are constantly moving documents from one area to another.

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