Unique Asymmetrical House Designs Applied on Eco Friendly Residence

Astonishing Building Design of Beautiful Homely Atmosphere of Concrete House with Soft Grey Colored Outer Wall and Wide Glass Window

If you feel so bored with your ordinary house construction that most people adapts it too, so you can change the style of your building with the asymmetrical house designs. Although it needs a more budget to spend, but believe it that it is worth to do. Surprisingly, you can capture an amazing house facade right after you apply this amazing idea. In addition, it will define a different value with the neighborhood residence for sure.

Astounding Outdoor Dining Space Design of Beautiful Homely Atmosphere of Concrete House with Twin White Colored Soft Sofa and Bright Yellow Lighting Inside

Following this minimalist contemporary stream architectural building, the dwelling home Herzlyia in Israel constructed by a little bit irregular shape. This property has been designed by Sharon Neuman Architects with duplex house type. When you look at the asymmetrical house plans for the very first time, you can amaze it so much since the sloping wall impress the latest home design trends. Overall, it is covered with glass windows to allow the habitant inside to enjoy the surrounding green landscape.

Since the building construction for this house adapts the irregular shape, then the glass form also follows the wall certainly. Instead look strange, this windows style impress us with the futuristic nuance. By the way, you can find a small porch at the outside of the home. It is furnished with long wooden bench with partly backrest, marble legged chair and maroon round table with iron legs. Meanwhile, at the other side, there is also a more spacious outdoor terrace adorned with clear white sectional and long wooden table.

Awesome Building Design of Beautiful Homely Atmosphere of Concrete House with Eco House Wall which is Made from Concrete

From the far sight, you may know that the house building has three asymmetrical constructions. All of these structures at a glance look like a modern office building in advance states. Do not feel worry of being overheating while you spend your time in this residence with beautiful house plans because the surrounding tall tree can deliver you the shady nuance.

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