Perfect Simple Minimalist House Concept with Blurry Limitation

Astounding Building Design of Dorsey Residence with Dark Brown Colored Wooden Floor and Blue Mint Colored Wooden Wall

A simple minimalist house with cozy interior setting was created by Coates Design in Washington State. Called as the Dorsey Residence, this dwelling has only simple architectural of the building. Wooden walls around are combined with lots of transparent windows around. This idea blurs the limitation of indoor and outdoor, and it can make you feel the comfort even more. Since this house is surrounded by lush green of Bainbridge Island, surely you will enjoy the environment’s scenery in the best way.

Take a look at its exterior design. It has a very minimalist architectural, with rectangular body and flat roof. Some staircases are added there to take you closer to the house. There is a small patio on the lowest level, and a medium balcony on the second level to complete the simple minimalist house design. If you take a look at the back side of the house, there is a simple concrete wall with glass stands on the ground. Some trees there make the appearance of the house looks a little better.

Awesome Outdor Design of Dorsey Residence with Grey Colored Floor which is Made from Concrete Blocks and Light Brown Wooden Patio

Now let’s see a little part of the residence. This is the picture of a merged dining room and living room. In the dining room, you can find a squared wooden dining table with black legs. Four black dining chairs are provided around it. Right behind them, there is a grey contemporary sofa stands on the wooden floor. Across it, a wooden cabinet is stuck on the wooden wall. A big flat TV hangs above the cabinet too. A wall of transparent windows and doors there helps you enjoying the best scenery of the outside. Isn’t it cool?

Breathtaking Family Space Design of Dorsey Residence with Soft Grey Colored Sofa and Wide Black Colored LCD Screen on Soft Brown Wall

Wooden furniture could be found around the house, like in the kitchen, staircase installation, bedroom, even bathroom. But now, this is the bedroom. It has a double sized bed in grey tone, completed with purple blanket and colorful pillows. There is a wall full of wooden storage on its side to accompany the wooden flooring. Not least is the contemporary bathroom. Wooden looks are given by the floating storage also cupboards and drawers inside. White countertop and huge mirror there make everything looks even better. Try the simple minimalist home design in your house if you like it.

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