Unique Timber Batten Cladding for Interior and Exterior Use

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If you want to integrate more natural element to your home decor, you need to consider using timber batten cladding. The wood element highlights the relationship between your house and the surrounding nature. The texture and stripe-look of it add the artistic value of your residence. When applied outside your windows or glass walls, the battens can help protecting your house from the weather. Another functional advantage is that you can fulfill your needs for shading and privacy in an area that is more public.

Cool Nikau House Strachan Group Architects Design Interior in Bathroom Space with Minimalist Decoration Ideas

To suit your needs for your decoration project, you should choose the right grades, species, and profiles of this sustainable clad. You can find many examples of timber cladding batten sizes on the internet. It’s an effective way to get inspired. You can study them and make a list of what you want to create for your house. Find the design that will meet your needs and taste. Make sure you specify every detail. Consider also your budget.

The timber batten can also be applied inside the house, for example for the ceilings or walls. As decorative items, the batten can be used to clad the kitchen table, the book shelf, or the box for the room lighting. You can choose to arrange them either vertically or horizontally. You can also use them for your bedroom or bathroom area. The neutral color of the batten can easily be combined with other light colors.

Marvelous Nikau House Strachan Group Architects Design Interior in Kitchen Space with Minimalist Modern Furniture

Another use of the timber batten that you should consider is to build operational screen for your entire glass walls. You can open it when you want to, or close it when night comes or when the sun is too bright. If you still have technical questions on how to apply the battens, you can check out timber cladding batten spacing on the internet to gather some information.

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