Why Velvet is a Great Option for your Upholstery

Velvet Upholstered Sofa Set

Picking out the perfect fabric for your upholstery is an important aspect of any interior décor concept. The textures and colors of the fabric contribute a lot to the overall theme. If is, therefore, important to get the best possible fabric for your upholstery.

Velvet is a great option mainly because it exudes an essence of luxury. There is a special thing about velvet from its appearance to its texture that is simply inviting. The smooth, lush feel is very relaxing and it is appropriate for not just for living rooms but also other spaces in your home.

Gray Crushed Velvet Curtains

Apart for just looking good and having a smooth texture, velvet is quite light and can be used to add some volume to the existing room design. The fabric also holds color well which allows you to brighten up a room with ease whether you choose prints or bold colors. Although it is not heavy, velvet material is rather dense which makes it durable. It comes in different types including linen velvet which is the lightest, elegant Silk velvet, crushed velvet, and printed velvet.

An important thing to note if you choose velvet for your upholstery is that cleaning velvet can be a bit of a task especially if you have pets.

Velvet Cushioned Sofa Design

Grey Velvet Upholstered Bed

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