What you need to know about Jacquard Bedding

Jacquard Bedding Comforter Set

Jacquard bedding is very luxurious and comes in various styles and colors.  They usually consist of a cotton blends or luxury silk blends which creates an elegant theme. If you wish to create majestic theme for you’re a bedroom in your home, Jacquard bedding would be a great option.


There are quite a number of Jacquard bedding sets and some of these include damask jacquard, Silk jacquard, cotton jacquard, and even faux silk jacquard.

Various uses

The jacquard fabrics create a great decorative effect and can be used for various bedding sets including, duvet covers, comforters, bedskirts and pillowcases.  Lighter variations of jacquard fabric can be used for flatbed and fitted bed sheets.

Luxury Piece Jacquard Bedding Sets


Jacquard bedding sets can be accessorized using silver or gold thread accents, fringes, embroidery or cording.


It is important to heed washing instructions for jacquard beddings in order to keep them looking new for a long time.

Silver Color Jacquard Bedding

luxury Jacquard Bedding

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