Wonderful Small Home Design Capturing Real Minimalistic Interior

Fascinating Compact Japanese House Adopting Contemporary Architecture with Glass Window Geometric Grassy Front Yard Shady Ornamental Plants

Simple small home design is the presentation of the Hiyosi House in Yokohama presenting a compact dwelling in minimalism. Collaboration of concrete and glass creates a cozy place of abode building in a narrow lot. Spotless white is the perfect painting to enlarge the indoor space. Clear glass also lets abundant natural light to send the warm radiance enlivening the airy atmosphere inside. Fine wooden work nicely grounds the interior with smooth ligneous character. Selective decors contribute in stating the minimalism to take over the nuance.

It is a convenient sitting space overlooking the outside scene through the transparent wall. Plain design of comfortable sofa welcomes everyone who needs to lounge or just watch the TV. Brilliant window blind style helps in adjusting the brightness in this room. Blue pillows breaks the monotony of white scheme interior by the refreshing color. Functional space management employs mezzanine design to comply with this house architecture. It promotes the smart small home design ideas in contemporary interior fixture.

Fresh Ornamental Plant in Huge Pot next to Wood Bench in Patio of Compact Japanese House with Glass Wall

Simple benches and wooden table introduce the simplicity in having appetizing meal under a lovely pendant lamp. The timber craft melts with the smooth flooring that enhances this interior charm. Spotlight gives tender focus illumination enlightening the room by the wall side. Night sky is reachable seen by the comfy sofa. Celebrating a warm coziness will be so delightful in this sitting space within the tune of melodious string musical instrument.

Futuristic Compact Japanese House with Warm Wood Floor in Living Room Containing Compact TV Stand and Flashy White Sofa Stylish Mezzanine

Grabbing the tranquility in privacy, the upper top roof is the best place to set open air floor for refreshing. In the realm of Zen, this spot gathers serenity under the blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Deck floor really fits this space fixture. A living green plant acts as the natural refresher for the sight and feeling. It is such a big display of gorgeous small home interior design in the darkness of night, transparent wall and illumination playing the role to show off.

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