Cool Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms – Space-Saving Storage Solutions

These closet ideas for small bedrooms will show you some cool ways of incorporating storage solutions in your bedroom without taking up too much precious space. You may be asking, is it practical to have closets for small rooms? Well, coping with a small space is indeed a challenging task, however,  it doesn’t mean it is impossible to incorporate a space saving solution. Check these ideas out!

Tidy Clothes on Glossy Hangers inside Fabulous Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms with Wooden Drawers and Shelves

Considering how precious space is, you need to make sure you utilize it well so that your bedroom will not end up cluttered and cramped. You can do this by borrowing some of the ideas from the closet ideas for small spaces pictured in this post. Rather than a freestanding bedroom closet, which may obstruct the movement, you can consider a built-in storage unit that blends seamlessly with your bedroom wall. Use a pocket door to keep your bedroom storage hidden.

Minimalist White Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms with Clothes Hangers and Green Baskets in White Shelves

You could decide to leave out a full closet partition for your small closet which may be impractical for this small nook seen in the above picture. Simply mount  pipes for hanging your clothing and use storage boxes for shoes and other accessories.

Stylish Oak Drawers and Shoes Shelves in Minimalist Teak Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms with Glossy Clothes Hangers

Alternatively, You could decide to have a visible closet. This is a great idea for private areas where you do not mind displaying your personal items.

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