Creating a Great Study area for Children

Wooden Kids Desk Idea for Study Room

Children require a suitable area where they can do their homework and other studies. A proper study area will help a child develop good study habits by creating an inviting space that fosters learning. So what are some of the important features to consider when setting up an ideal study location?

Designate an area

Choose a specific area that would be ideal for study. Placing the desk close to a window is recommended as it will give a sense of spaciousness and also it would add a relaxing ambience to the work area.  If possible the study area should not be too close to the bed.

Find a good Desk

White Drawer Desk

Furniture stores usually have special desks that can accommodate children comfortably. You do not want to get an adult sized desk which would be too big for a child. You should also pick out a desk with an ample surface area that can accommodate stuff like a computer, books and other accessories.


Pink Chair for Childrens Desk


Once you get a desk it needs to be paired with a suitable chair.  A comfortable chair makes it easier for a child to concentrate for longer periods. You can ask the child to choose a suitable theme for the chair since it does not have to be as formal as an adult’s office chair.

Improve lighting

Creative Lamp  for Childrens Room

A study zone should have sufficient illumination. Ensure that the overhead lighting fixture provide sufficient lighting and if necessary you can add a desk lamp.


Bulletin Board for Childrens Room

Some additions to the study area such may go a long way in motivating a child. For instance you could add some motivational-themed artwork and also hang some certificates or any other forms of accomplishment. You could also add a bulletin board where things such as schedules calendars and assignments can be pinned up.


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