Decorating Mediterranean Living Room Ideas: How to Create the Right Look

Looking at these beautiful Mediterranean living room ideas, it would not be surprising if you wanted to copy the look for your living room makeover. When it comes to Mediterranean interior style, the Spanish, Greek and Italian interiors are great points of reference. The style ranges from casually functional to very formal. To get the right Mediterranean look for your home, we have some useful tips to guide you.

Interesting Ornaments on Mediterranean Living Room Ideas for Living Area with Wide Chandelier above Oak Coffee Table

Let’s start with the choice of interior color. Looking at these Mediterranean room design ideas, you can see how the interior décor  themes relate to earth-based colors. Warm earthy colors are usually preferred and the choice of specific colors will depend on which specific Mediterranean design you choose. Burnished bronze vases and a wrought iron fireplace screen can be used to complement the look by adding some elegance to the space. There is a hint of Moroccan influence in this look.

Vintage Chandelier inside Family Area with Teak Table and Comfy Sofa using Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Mediterranean interior décor often includes mosaic tile designs. Alternatively, you may incorporate the mosaic tiles on other fixtures such as table tops or mirror frames. Stenciled mosaic borders for walls, floors, or furniture is also a good idea if you wish to mimic the look of mosaic tiles.

Last but not least, you could add some elegance to this Mediterranean look by adding some texture. You could add visual depth by creating layers of paint then hand-rub glaze onto the plaster. Sand-textured walls are also a great addition for more visual appeal. You can mimic the appearance of a plaster wall with a textured finish in your Mediterranean living room design ideas by using colored beeswax and a tinted drywall compound.

Comfortable Brown Sofa and Oak Coffee Table under Gorgeous Black Chandelier for Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

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