Weather Proofing your Home with Weather Strips and Draft Stoppers

  Houndstooth Dog Draft Stopper  

The use of doors can never be understated.  Apart from offering security, they help a great deal in keeping regulating temperature by keeping extreme weather by offering insulation.  With the prices of power ever rising, maintaining an ‘energy envelope’ in your home may be quite expensive. It is therefore important to maximize on ingenuity by adopting some manual insulation methods such as the use of weather strips and draft stoppers.  These are basically small cushion like fittings that are manually fitted at the base of doors in order to keep out cold or drafts from passing through the gap between the door and the floor.

  • Draft stoppers

Home Made Draft Stopper

These are removable lightweight tubes of fabric that have a foam filling.  They are placed at the base of doors to stop any air from flowing from underneath.  They are affordable and quite effective. However they have to be removed every time the door is being opened.

  • Weather Strips

Weather Stripping for Exterior Doors

These are permanent door fittings that are fixed at the base of doors to seal any gaps that may let in any drafts.  They come in various designs that range from basic rubber strips to soft plastic fittings.  The advantage that weather strips have over draft stoppers is that they do not need to always be removed when opening doors which is rather convenient.

Indoor Weatherstrip

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