Minimalist Contemporary Home Plans Built in Two Story Construction

Breathtaking Front Yard Landscape Design of Contemporary House In Sydney with White Colored Wooden Fences and Dark Brown Upper Wooden Wall

Many people feel crazy about the contemporary home plans for their ideal house type for today. It is because this home building style is really fir to the urban lifestyle as well as defines the lavish impression for the entire part of the residence. The Bruce Stafford Architects also try to adapt this architectural housing idea in developing the Z House which is situated in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, Australia. Everybody who observes this living space may get a perfect picture of ideal home.

Astounding Bathroom Design of Contemporary House In Sydney with Dark Colored Concrete Vanity and White Colored Marble Washtafel

Basically, the house construction utilizes two main materials to adorn both exterior and interior decoration concept. The concrete part is painted in snow white tone to impress the modern view while the cubic wooden section more varnished with dark brown hue to appear the warm ambiance. This contemporary home plans and elevations are also furnished with minimalist outdoor fence which has the function to give the safety atmosphere to the home owner.

Both of the two blocks of this dwelling home appears a very captivating impression. The concrete wall is deliberately designed with curvy shape so it will deliver you the stylish modern aura. In the meantime, the application of wooden panel as the exterior wall cladding enables the block to create a more classic atmosphere. It is such a perfect style blending, isn’t it? Anyway, this cladding is able to open by only sliding the windows structure.

Awesome Outdoor Hallway Design of Contemporary House In Sydney with Black Colored Concrete Floor and Bright Cream Lighting

There is a small crack between the blocks structure furnished with glass canopy. It can be your space to dry out your clothes everyday there without feeling worry of your wardrobe getting broken. This small hallway will connect you the room inside directly. From this space, you may find spacious living hall ornamentation of modern house plans and elevations with the displaying of white versatile sofa, light gray tufted chairs and solid black sectional sofa.

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