Nest Thermostat – Stylish Home Temperature Control

nest thermostat living room

Did you know that thermostats can control up to 50% of your energy bill? Yes that’s right; if every American owned one this would reduce USA’s total energy consumption by 10%. This is the main reason that drove Nest to invest in a thermostat that is totally focused on energy efficiency and user experience.

Auto Schedule and Auto Away

This thermostat actually learns from users and will program itself to save energy even when users are away. It is able to program itself after about a week after installation and by this time it will have created a customized schedule that is based on the temperature changes that have been made from day to day.  The device is also able to detect when there is nobody around using special sensors and will make the necessary temperature adjustments to avoid cooling or heating an empty space.

Nest Thermostat Kitchen

Energy History

The Nest thermostat is able to show you exactly when the system was functioning as well as the specific tasks that greatly impact energy bills.

Timed temperature

Research has shown that turning up the temperature does not necessarily heat a space faster. This basically means users cannot tell exactly how long it will take to notice a difference in temperature. Nest thermostat has a function that allows you to know how long it will take to reach achieve your desired temperature without necessarily turning up the heat.

nest thermostat

Green Machine

When using this thermostat at an energy efficient temperature, you will be alerted by a green leaf that appears on the device. This allows you to monitor your energy use while ensuring that you device is operating efficiently.

Wireless Connectivity

The nest is embedded with Wi-Fi capability which means you can control the device in real-time  from virtually anywhere using another Wi-Fi enable device such as a Smartphone, Tablet PC or laptop. You can also receive automatic updates

In a Nutshell

When you get the Nest thermostat you are investing in a smart device that can program itself to your frequently used settings. It also has Wi-Fi capability for remote control. The Nest thermostat makes climate control a simple and stress free process and the device is stylishly designed to fit into any modern household.

Nest thermostat living-room


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