What you need to know about Baby Monitors for your home

Samsung Internet Enabled Baby Monitor

There are many aspects of baby care and one of the best inventions in this regard is the baby monitor which parents or caregivers can use to listen and even talk to an infant remotely (if the gadget has two way communication). This means that if for instance you are in the living room, you can listen to your child who is in another room.  A baby monitor is basically fitted with a transmitter as well as a microphone and a speaker thus enabling either on- way or two-way communication.

  • Varied Choice

Today there is a wide variety of baby monitors on the market unlike a while back. Below are some of the different kinds of baby monitors available:

  • Basic two-way baby monitor

This is a wireless transmitter that uses authorized radio frequencies to convey sound over distances.

  • Video Baby Monitors

These gadgets are fitted with a small video camera that is able to show images and transmit sound simultaneously. This device which is commonly referred to as baby cam is a great surveillance tool for infants and some of them have an infrared technology that enables parents to see their children even in the dark.

Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

  • Smartphone Baby Monitors

Phones have advanced greatly and some of them have software that is able to connect remotely to your home  enabling you to listen in on your child.

Smartphone Controlled Baby Monitor

Additional Features of Modern Baby Monitors

  • Portable receivers that are battery operated are now a standard feature of baby monitors and this enables caregivers to move around to different parts of the house while still listening in.
  • Some devices are equipped with vibrating alert which is useful especially for those individuals with hearing difficulties.
  • Some baby monitor devices have motion sensor technology meaning that it can send an alert to the caregiver if a baby begins to move.

Baby monitors come with various features and it is up to you to consider what would be suitable for you. It would be advisable to do some research before making the actual purchase so that you can make an informed decision. For instance it would be important to find out the frequency of any other gadgets that you have in your house because there may be some interruption of frequencies if your baby monitor is transmits at the same frequency as several other devices. Also ensure that you get a comprehensive warranty program just in case the device develops any problems. Happy shopping folks!

Wireless Camera Voice Control Baby Monitor

CCTV Baby Cam




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