½ stool by Witamina D

Witamina D Stool

The beauty of innovative design is that a simple everyday object can be interpreted in an interesting way to create a functional work of art. A case in point is the ½ stool which is a small seat made out of an actual halved tree trunk. The stool which is manufactured by a polish based design firm Witamina D combines the rustic nature of a raw wood with a steel V-shaped underside which provides a pleasant contrast.

This great home accessory is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors due to a protective sealing applied to both the wood and the metal. The oak wood is FSC certified and is covered with an oil-based UV protection for durability and esthetics.

Witamina D


The steel bottom is made of zinc plated, powder coated steel which is not only eye catching but also very stable. To wood and metal are seamlessly fused together in a wedge shaped joint. The stool may not look very stable however, they are able to comfortably withstand a person’s full body weight.

The ½ stool is available on order and shipments are done they day after an order is done. Potential buyers need to check the availability of the product on the Witamina D website before purchasing.


Stool by Witamina D


Half Stool by Witamina D


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