3 Scented Indoor Plants That Give Your Home A Great Fragrance

We all love our homes to smell nice. Instead of buying artificial air fresheners you could opt for fragrant plants which offer a great aroma in addition to having a visual appeal. Here are three options to choose from for your home.


Beautiful Indoor Lavender Plant
There are many varieties of this plant but you could ask your florist which specific one gives off the best scent. The advantage of lavender is that apart from giving off a great fragrance it is more or less drought resistance. This means that it will not easily wilt when exposed to plenty of sunlight. Make sure that you cut off any dead flowers in order to keep the plant healthy.


Honeysuckle Indoor Plant
This flowering vine is capable of releasing a pleasant fragrance that radiates through a room. The sweet fragrance may be considered too strong for some people so you may need to consider other people’s tolerance before getting this plant.


Indoor Mint Plant
This is a multipurpose plant that can be eaten for nutritional benefit, used as a spice for decoration and as fragrant plant. It has a magical scent that permeates subtly through spaces, keeping the air fresh.

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