3 Simple Ways to Brighten up your Living Room

open plan living room

The living room is a common area where people congregate and it is supposed to be a vibrant space. One way of creating this is by increasing the brightness of the room.  There are some simple ways of brightening up the room without necessarily spending too much money.

Open Plan

modern open plan living room

Having an open floor plan creates more space and reduces the chances of having a cluttered room.  Spreading out furniture also increases the amount of light within a room.

Sheer Curtains

white sheer curtains for living rooms

The best way of letting in more light into your home is by ensuring the windows are well dressed. Start by replacing heavy fabric curtains with lighter material. Sheers are also highly recommended because they give you some privacy but still let in the light.

Subdued Patterns

subdued pattern for living room

Sticking to subtle patterns and calm colors can go a long way in brightening up your living room.  Muted prints can be used but they should be in the same color scheme are the rest of the room. This will keep the space from looking too bland.

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