3 Simple Ways of Freshening up Spaces Without Spending Too Much Money

We all get to a point where we feel the need to change the look of an interior space but the finances may not be readily available. In such cases you need to use your ingenuity and innovation to carry out a budget makeover. Yes, it’s actually possible to do minor makeovers by implementing small but impactful ideas as follows.

Choose a new focal point

Antique Table Focal Point
You can simply purchase one new piece of furniture or re-purpose and old fitting and make it a new focal point for the room. For instance, you may come across a rustic Victorian wooden table you can use it to revamp your space. Other furnishings that can be used as focal points include couches, lamps and chairs among other fixtures.


Hanging Tapestry
Cloth is a very versatile form to work with. It is eye catching and can be used for many functions including upholstery, room dividing, wall concealers among other uses. You could also use it to refresh weathered floors or draperies. Tapestries can easily improve the look of a room and they are relatively affordable.

Divide Spaces

Moulding Partition
Huge unseparated spaces can be quite challenging to decorate especially if you are strapped for cash. The simplest solution for this is to use affordable partition materials such as crown moldings or baseboards to divide expansive spaces. This is a sure way of turning a large bland room into a fascinating space that you can easily decorate.

Molding Partition

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