4 Simple Decorating Secrets for Your Home Revealed

Living Room Interior Inspiration

  1. Avoid Cliché Design

UniqueHome Decorating Ideas

It is important to find a unique theme that suits your taste and it does not necessarily have to be what’s trending.  Interior design should not be too obvious or predictable.  For instance if you live by the ocean you do not have to choose a seashore theme for your living room.

  1. It’s okay to hang artwork together

Prints and Painting Grouping

As unconventional as it may seem, grouping framed pieces of artwork together gives a sense of balance and has a more lasting visual impression.  For instance you could create an artistic grid by hanging six framed art pieces together above your mantel.  When done tastefully the art pieces will not look cluttered.

  1. Don’t partition small spaces

Small Apartment Minimalist Interior Design

If you move in to a small apartment your first instinct may be to divide the room using a space divider or pieces of furniture.  Compartmentalizing a small space is understandable but if you want to make the space look bigger it is more advisable to unify the interior decor and maintain a minimalist design approach.

  1. Consider Side Tables

Great Side Table Design

Incorporating side tables in your decor theme is a simple way of adding character and functionality.  Side tables can be very visually appealing and they also provide sufficient surface space for placing various items and accessories.


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