3 Stylish Knob Styles that Can Enhance your Kitchen Cabinets

Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Although knobs for kitchen cabinets are quite small, they can make a world of difference in terms of enhancing the overall look of your kitchen interior decor.  Ill-matching knobs can mess up your whole them and that is why we have put together a list of some kitchen cabinet knob styles that we recommend for your home.

Glass or Ceramic

Glass and ceramic are two different material however they have a similar finished look. They are smooth, shiny and can be molded into a variety of interesting styles. Glass or ceramic knobs are more suited for a traditional look especially if you’re going for the Victorian look.  Their ornamental appearance is quite elegant.

Ceramic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

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Elongated Knobs

Elongate Kitchen Cabinet Handles

These are longer handles that many prefer due to their appearance and functionality.  They have added surface are making it easy for you to grip when opening or closing the cabinets.  They are abit harder to install than ordinary knobs but they are considered more practical.

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Decorative Knobs

Lion Inspired Kitchen Cabinet Knobs


These knobs are ornamental in nature and often feature a decorative motif incorporated on the knob. For instance a knob can fashioned into a bunch of grapes or a sun depending on the theme you want for your kitchen.

Apple Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
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