Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen

Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen with WoodStacker

Every now and then, with the weather favoring, there comes an urge to have a cookout it’s often just too hard to resist. Forget about that beat up grill that you’ve become used to and step into the 21st century with the Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen which is a modular sports grill that blends excellent craftsmanship with functionality. This is not just a grill but a mini outdoor kitchen complete with a natural stone worktop with a drain, a rack for firewood or charcoal, as well as a kitchen sink!

Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen


The main support for this appliance is the aluminum frame which consists of one small module and two larger ones; all of which are weatherproof. Despite the light frame and minimalist design, this device is very sturdy and can withstand all the rigors of outdoor cooking. Another advantage of the lightweight nature of the Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen is the fact that it is easy to move around. This is a sharp contrast from the large bulky grills that require effort to shift from place to place.

The summer is coming to an end but there’s still some time to break out get your Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen and enjoy a good ol’ cookout in the backyard.


Ulaelu Modular Outdoor Kitchen- Close Up


Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen 2


Ulaelu Outdoor Kitchen - Various Angles



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