4 Common Lawn Mowing Issues and How to Deals with Them

uneven mowing

If you want to ensure that your lawn remains impeccable, you need to ensure that all the necessary maintenance tasks are carried out regularly. The problem is that not many people have enough time to dedicate to their lawns or they do not know the right way to mow and maintain the area.  This may lead to a number of problems, which are highlighted below, along with their corresponding solutions.


This occurs when narrow strips of grass are left uncut when mowing. This often happens when blades of the lawn mower have not been well maintained.  To deal with this issue, you should ensure that the lawn mower blades are sharpened or replaced regularly. It is also important to ensure that the mower is set at full throttle and the speed reduced.


Uneven Cutting

This is a common problem when mowing.  The main cause is often toughs or waves that are on the surface of the lawn. This issue can be solved by replacing or repairing the mower spindle. Uneven cutting may also be caused by wrongly placed blades.  Setting them correctly could make a great difference.


This problem often occurs due to the mower deck coming into close contact with the ground.  It may also be caused by ground unevenness.  The best way of solving this is by trying as much as possible to level the lawn and also raising the cutting height of the mower.


Stepped Cutting

This problem occurs when sharp ridges are visible on the lawn surface after mowing. The problem is mainly caused by a damaged mower deck, maladjustments or problems with the mower blade.  In order to avoid or correct this problem, it is advisable to ensure that the mower deck is leveled properly. If it’s damaged it should either be repaired or replaced.

lawn mowing

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