4 Great Lighting Accessories For your Living Room

When the saying ‘home is the best’ is used, people want to demonstrate how satisfying, appealing, romantic, and enjoyable their homes are. To bring out this ambiance and make the living room a true paradise, you need to select appropriate lighting accessories. Accessories help to direct light, reflect it, and define the mood of a living room. Here are some great lighting accessories for your living room.


Living Room Mirror
Mirrors are perfect reflectors that help to scatter light and illuminate the entire room. When carefully positioned on the walls of the living room, mirrors scatter the light and bring out the sense of depth that is truly enthralling. You can select round mirrors, triangular models, or large designs that cover one side of the living room. Make sure to select a mirror with frame or edge artwork that matches with living room theme.

Wall Art

Wall Art For Living Room
Wall art in a living room helps to bring a sense of personal touch and create a separate center of attraction. Many wall arts are done with a mixture of colors and patterns that reflect light differently to create a scintillating effect for you and your guests. The good thing with wall arts is that they are illuminated every day to give new meanings, inspirations, and sense of completeness for your house.

Area Rugs

Living Room Area Rug
As a lighting accessory, area rug helps to make the lower parts of the house bright and create a center of attention. To make the room more enthralling, consider using brighter area rugs and placing them in sections that are easily visible such as between the table and chaise lounge. A carpet with alternating bright and dark marks or strips will scatter light and make the room look rich and enjoyable.

Statues and Sculptures

Living Room Sculpture
As styling pieces, sculptures attract light and make the living room become come to live. Though they are just pieces of artwork, their outlook invokes creativity, sense of attachment, love, and harmony. To enjoy even more enthralling effects from statutes, consider altering their positions and lighting after some time.


Living Room Fountain
A fountain is a decorative addition to your sitting room that helps to bring near magic sense of ambiance and energy flow. By selecting a fountain with colors that match with the background, the room will look rich and stylish. You can also scatter light by varying the colors of the fountain to get a sense of sophistication.

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