Different Types of Decorative Ceiling Tiles You Can Find

Magnificent Brown Decorative Ceiling Tiles feat Rectangular Lamps and Chandelier Installation

There are many options you can explore when you are shopping for decorative ceiling tiles. They are sold in various sizes, thickness, and materials and made to directly fasten to your ceilings or fit onto drop/suspended ceilings. Today, we will talk about some of the most popular decorative ceiling types you can use as your guide to help you shopping.

The first option is plastic ceiling tiles. They are available in many different variations that include decorative drop ceiling tiles. The plastic decorative tiles for ceilings are popular as they are inexpensively priced. However, they are surprisingly good at providing sufficient ceiling insulation. Even though plastic is their core material, they are made to be fire-safe. Some are even designed with metallic finishes to mimic the look of embossed tin or faux tin tiles. These tin tiles usually have elaborate crown molded  borders and/or flower patterns.

Pretty Bright Decorative Ceiling Tiles plus Circular Lamps Apropos to Green Painted Wall

On the other hand, there are the genuine tin ceiling tiles which are considerably old-fashioned and often have quite an expensive price tag. Even so, they do add a shiny look to your room ceilings. The drawback of tin ceiling tiles is that they are difficult to cut, so you have to use proper tools. Don’t expect decorative tin ceiling tiles to be like tin cans—steel, brass, and copper tiles are often referred to as tin tiles.

Stunning Drop Decorative Ceiling Tiles with Square Lights for Cottage Interior Concept

Last but not least, consider cork ceiling tiles if you are looking for the eco-friendly an easy to install option. Generally, you can find cork ceiling tiles as waxed and unwaxed. Waxed cork ceiling tiles, including for decorative suspended ceiling tiles, are great to bring out the color and texture in cork while giving the tiles the shiny appearance to enhance the interior room.

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