4 Important Features of Energy Efficient Households

When designing a home there are plenty of things to consider. One of the main considerations for 21st century homes is to ensure that energy efficiency is incorporated in building design.  In the long run, having an eco friendly home will help property owners to save money while easing pressure on the environment. We have compiled a list of four important features that characterize energy efficient homes.


Home Skylights

Just like sunroofs for vehicles, skylights allow light into homes from the roof.  Skylights have three main purposes which are lighting, heating and ventilation.  When installing a skylight, you should ensure that its size does not exceed the 5% of the total floor area especially for rooms that already have large windows.

Advanced House Framing

Insulation for Framing

This process involves the construction of a home using energy efficient materials thus increasing the amount of insulation.  In the long run, this will allow home owners to cut down on energy costs and at the same time help in conserving energy.

Cooling Roofs

Metallic Shingles

This basically refers to roofs that reflect more sunlight thus helping to keep the entire building structure cool.  The reflective material comes in many forms including tiles, shingles, among others. This kind of roofing is suitable for areas that experience hot climatic conditions for most of the year.

Exterior Colors

Light Colored Exterior Paint

The paint that you chose for your home exterior is very important because it plays a role in home insulation.  Light colors help in keeping the interior cooler while darker paint will help in absorbing heat thus trapping more heat in the interior.  So, if you live in a hot environment, try and stick to lighter colors when choosing the paint for your home exterior.



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