4 Types of Clutter and How to Deal with Each of Them


One of the many hindrances to any home décor theme is the unnecessary accumulation of stuff. Clutter can ruin your interior and stifle any new creative urges. The first step to dealing with clutter is identifying what kind of ‘clutterer’ you are.

Behind the Scenes Clutter

There are people who stash away items is rooms, closets and other hidden spaces but keep public areas such as living rooms quite organized. They give an illusion of order on the surface but keep hidden spaces cluttered.

Hot Tip – In such cases, it is simply necessary to rummage through the clutter and simply dispose of anything that does not bring you any joy. It will bring you more joy to see your spaces clutter-free.

before and after decluttering

Literature Clutter

It is great to accumulate books, newspapers, magazines and journals but in some cases it just get out of hand. In this digital era, a lot of literature is available in digital format which eliminates the need for hard copies.

literature clutter

Hot Tip – Anything that you have not read or re-read in the last 9 months, or so, can be lovingly gifted to a person who will benefit more from it.

Sentimental Clutter

This involves deep personal attachment to items to the point that it is too difficult to let go of them.  This ranges from old concert tickets to souvenirs.

Hot Tip – consolidate all mementos and place only the dearest items in one box.  Whatever remains can be donated or disposed of in any other way.

sentimental clutter

Accumulation Clutter

This is a common symptom of compulsive buying. Accumulation happens when you simply run out of adequate space to store items.

Hot Tip – identify specific storage areas for any bulk purchases and when they are full you need to stop shopping until the current supplies are exhausted.


before and after


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