5 great ideas for kitchen islands

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are useful components that have multiple uses.  It does not matter what size your kitchen is, you can incorporate a kitchen island and there are plenty of ideas to choose from.  So, before you decide to install this multi-functional kitchen furnishing here are a couple of ideas that you could consider.

  • Handcrafted design

If you like the rustic appeal of dated handicrafts you could consider a vintage table that could serve as a preparation island.  This is a great country look that adds a cozy relaxed ambiance to a kitchen.

Handicrafted Kitchen Island

  • Color blocking

For those who prefer bursts of color, the use of several solid hues could bring your kitchen alive. For instance you could have a row of differently colored stools which gives a bold look that you could customize to your taste.

Color Blocked Kitchen Island

  • The butchers block

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Table

This is a great alternative for a conventional kitchen island. You could also add some stools to complete the ensemble.

  • Sofa table

A sofa table is essentially designed to be fitted just behind a couch or along an entry way. However, they could also make great kitchen islands.  The advantage of sofa tables is that they do not take up a lot of space, which is great if you have a small kitchen.

Sofa Table Decorating Ideas

  • Cabinet Island

Apart from simply adding additional preparation or table-top storage surfaces, kitchen islands could also offer cabinet storage.  You could either get a custom made kitchen island cabinet or recycle and old cabinet with drawers or shelving.

Kitchen Island Cabinet

  • Movable Kitchen Island

If you do not want a permanent fixture in your kitchen then you could settle for a mobile fixture which can be stored away when not in use.  This is a very practical option.


Movable Kitchen Cabinet

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